A new candy shop has opened in a neighborhood near a large chain grocery store.

The store, called the Candy Shop at the Candy Bar, is a small candy shop on West Third Street that has been in the neighborhood for more than a year.

Owner Scott Cappelli said he wanted to create a space that is a neighborhood resource for people in the community.

Cappelli has been selling candy and cookies at the shop for more years than he has been running the business, but he says he is excited to open a new space in the popular neighborhood.

The new store will have more than 20 different candy items, ranging from fruit to chocolate and more.

Cappellis co-owner and partner Brian Fagan said the store will sell a wide variety of candy, as well as coffee, snacks and other goods.

He said the shop has been a hit with people.

The store’s owners say they expect the shop to draw a lot of customers, but not enough to justify the high price tag of the store.

The new store is expected to open by late May.