Shop vac lowe, a barber shop open in Edinburgh, has opened in a converted garage in the capital. 

Its owner, Mark McElreath, told the Scotsman: “It was originally a shop, I think it’s in Glasgow but I’m not sure.”

We thought it would be nice to open a shop in Edinburgh.

It was very easy to find the right location and it’s not far away from where we are now.

“It’s a small shop, it’s a pretty simple shop, so it’s been a great way to see Edinburgh.”

Mr McElath, who is based in Aberdeen, said that Edinburgh is a good place to grow a business and open a store.

He said: “We have a lot of small business people here, I’m just delighted to have opened a small business in Edinburgh.”

The business, which opened last month, is owned by Mark McElfath and his wife Mary, and opened in November.

The couple are currently in a contract with a nearby brewery to make the beer that will be sold at the shop.

The store also has an adjoining barbershop, and they hope to open their own barber salon in the near future.

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