The owner of a weed-selling shop in Texas, where his business has been raided several times by police, has opened up a new weed business, and he has a business license.

The owner, James Bowers, has his own marijuana cultivation facility, where he has grown marijuana since 2006, according to his business partner, Michael F. Johnson.

In a phone interview with VICE News, Bowers said his cannabis business, Weed Shop LLC, is just the start of what he plans to do, which includes expanding his dispensary in Texas to grow other marijuana-based products and services, as well as expand to other states where he says cannabis is legal.

He said he plans on opening dispensaries across the United States, which would allow customers to buy products from his store without having to go to a dispensary.

Bowers plans to offer a free, limited-time trial of marijuana-infused products to consumers, he said.

In addition, he plans, he hopes, to open his own medical marijuana dispensary, and said he has started an LLC in New York to help expand that business.

Bowers said he’s already had to change his business name, and that he is trying to avoid any legal issues that might arise from changing the name.

Bower said he will keep his business in Texas until his marijuana grows out of control.

He said he intends to close Weed Shop, a store in Austin, Texas, in the next few months.

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