Harley-Davidsons latest bike, the XT-R, is a true motorcycle, says founder David Hockaday. 

It is the second time in three years the company has reworked a bike and it’s a success, he says. 

“I just came home from work today and I’ve got a bike that I think will do well,” he said.

“I’ve got to admit it’s not a very good bike, but it’s got a good engine and it looks pretty good.”

We’ve just got to make sure that we keep that bike in the garage and then see what happens.

“When it does, I’m sure it will go well.”

Mr Hockay says the company had a good idea of the bike’s future and he believed the latest model would be successful.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that we have something here,” he told the ABC.

“It’s a good, well-made bike that people will want to ride.”

The first model we introduced was the XR.

It was a lot better than the XC and I’m very pleased with that.

“Now we have the XD and the XE and we’re getting a lot more people coming into our shop and saying ‘hey, that’s the one that I want to get my hands on’.”

Mr Hoch said he had not seen any complaints about the new bike from customers, adding that there were only a few people on the internet who had asked if they could have the bike. 

Mr Hocking said that if people could use the bike on their daily commute, they would not have to worry about it.

“If you’re a regular rider on the road, you will get used to the idea of having a bike,” he says, adding the new XT-RR is a good choice for people who want a good bike for commuting.

“People will get more comfortable riding it.

It will also get a bit quicker.” 

Mr Bussman’s bike, an aluminium XC, had a big impact on the business. 

The new bike will be the last to be built on the new factory in South Australia. 

In the past year, Harley-Kazooie has also sold a new version of the company’s Classic line of bikes, with a new engine, suspension and tyres. 

But the new company is still looking to make a comeback, as it has not been able to get the funding it needed to complete its investment in a new plant. 

David Hocky said the company would be able to build new bikes if the funds were available.

“That is what we’re doing, but if the funding is there, then I don’t think we’d be able,” he added.

“What we do have, if it’s all there, we’d still be able.”

But we’d have to get all the funding we need and we’d probably be a little bit more ambitious about what we can do.

“Mr Bressman has also been involved in the bike-making business since 1986.

The bike shop has been closed since the end of September and a new building has been constructed, with Mr Hockays work expected to be completed in October.”

In my time at Harley-Daves I have been involved with the bike manufacturing business from the very beginning,” Mr Bussmann said. 

He said he would be interested to see how Harley-Stony Creek was doing with its manufacturing and had not been told if the company was planning to build a new factory.”

Harley-Sterny Creek has been very good for the business, but we will have to wait and see,” he noted.”

They’ve got new engines and tyres, but the main issue is they’re not getting the funding that they need to continue to develop and build a great brand.

“So, we’ll have to see.”

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