A bunch of indie art shops in Manhattan have become so popular they’re popping up on the same map as The Daily Show.

Here’s what to know about the top art shops and the best spots to browse in Manhattan.1.

A few hours north of the city’s iconic Battery Park, the city has a few iconic buildings that are worth a visit:The Statue of Liberty sits atop the Manhattan Bridge and is the only American landmark to have its name engraved on its sides.

Located at 6th and Broadway, it is also the location of the iconic “New York Stock Exchange.”2.

If you’re a hipster, there are a few hipster shops in the city:Hipster Artisan is one of the best hipster art shops to visit in the US.

Located in Midtown, the shop offers a range of creative prints and accessories from street art to handmade jewelry and handbags.3.

The next stop on our NYC tour: The Art of New York, located on Fifth Avenue in the Lower East Side, is a gallery that specializes in contemporary art.

There are art exhibits on the walls and there are some great art studios in the basement, too.4.

To the west, you have the Museum of Modern Art, which was designed by a renowned New Yorker and has a lot of great contemporary art that you’ll want to check out.

Located at the corner of East 43rd and Seventh avenues, the museum showcases the work of some of the most influential artists in the world.5.

Next stop: The City Gallery of New England, a New England art gallery located at the site of the former headquarters of the Rhode Island Rail Road.

The gallery is one step removed from the city but it’s a great way to spend a day.6.

If your in need of a new bike, look no further than the Strava app.

It’s the best way to track your steps and distance and to see what you can do to improve.

It even allows you to track the elevation of your steps.7.

The City is the home of the Art of the Arts program, which teaches people how to create works of art with an emphasis on the human body.

This is a fantastic way to learn about the craft and how it can help you get started with your own art career.8.

The Art District has some great spots for casual dining, as well as some of Manhattan’s best restaurants.

For those who are into fine art, you’ll love the Art Museum of New Jersey, which has plenty of great artists to browse.9.

Next: The Museum of Art and Design at the Art Institute of Chicago, which is located in the heart of the neighborhood.

The museum is home to some of Chicago’s most important works of design and architecture.

Its also an excellent place to meet other art lovers and visit the galleries.10.

To take a tour of Manhattan: Explore the Art Walk, a massive, open-air walkway with a large glass screen that lets you see the street art from all over the world, as seen on the cover of Vogue.11.

Next up: New York’s newest art museum, the Museum for the Arts at the Brooklyn Museum, a collection of over 200 works of modern art by artists including David Foster Wallace, Toni Morrison, Andy Warhol, John Singer Sargent, and many more.12.

Next to the Museum, the Brooklyn Public Library is the best place to explore the Brooklyn waterfront.

This location is home not only to the Brooklyn Bridge and the Brooklyn Navy Yard, but also to some amazing art collections including works by Mark Rothko, David Hockney, and others.13.

If there’s a good spot in Manhattan to visit after a long day of traveling, then it’s the New York Public Library, which offers a wide range of free, low-cost and paid library and reading materials.14.

Next, to the east, we’ve got The Museum, located at 2nd Avenue and Madison Avenue.

The Museum is one part art museum and one part public library, which means you can visit both as a visitor and a patron.15.

Lastly, if you’re looking for some great music in the New Jersey countryside, look to the National Music Center at Westbury.

The NMC is a place where artists like the Pixies, Radiohead, and the Doors can gather to perform and play.16.

To get out of the New Year’s rush, head to one of those iconic New York City bars.

These are some of our favorite places to enjoy a drink while looking out over the Manhattan skyline.17.

If we’re lucky, we’ll get a glimpse of some famous buildings from the New Years Day parade.

For example, there’s no better way to celebrate the New year than to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Design, which features some of NYC’s most iconic buildings and is one stop on the trip that takes you