Shopn Save sells hilarious toys that have been described as ‘hanging around the neck of the human race’.

The items include “toy arms”, which can be used as props, and “fun toy heads”, which feature ‘haha’ faces.

They are made from plastic and can be purchased in a variety of shapes and sizes.

One of the items featured in the shop is a “toys-for-fun” set of “hilariously funny” ‘pink’ plastic toys that feature a “happy face”, a “shoulder pad” and a “mouth.”

The shop also sells “mushrooms” and “gummy bears” that feature “pink and purple faces”.

The “pinky” pink items, which have pink lips and mouths, are “sold exclusively at shopn save” and are “designed by the creator of the ‘Pink Face.'”

The “purple” pink “gummies” are “also sold exclusively at storen save.”

ShopnSave describes its “haha face” toys as “totally hilarious,” and said they are “created by an artist who is the creator and creator’s creator.

It’s not only the face that’s hilarious, it’s the funny face that makes it all fun.”