Restaurants that serve pizza, burgers, and other comfort food tend to be clustered in one area of Manhattan, with little chance of getting a whiff of a local flavor.

It’s a big problem.

“I think that the New York City pizza industry has gotten much bigger than its geographic location, and I think that that’s why they’re trying to take a different approach,” says Aaron Cappuccio, an associate professor of business at Columbia University who researches the intersection of food and commerce.

In recent years, restaurants like Pizzeria Veracruz, Sushi Lola, and Pizza Hut have become increasingly popular in areas with a large pizza market.

“In New York, you can’t just do something, you have to do it well,” says Cappucio.

“And this is where the Pizza Hut is going to really take off.”

It’s the second time in three years that the pizza-making company has been acquired by Pizza Hut.

The company has also become more popular in the Bay Area, where it’s already one of the most successful chains in the country.

Pizzas have been sold for more than $3 billion in the last year.

The company’s acquisition of the Pizza House chain has also helped the chain expand into other markets.

Last year, it opened a store in San Francisco’s Mission District, which has seen a rise in Chinese restaurant restaurants.

Last week, it expanded its New York branch to a more popular location in the Financial District, a city that has seen the largest growth in Chinese restaurants.

“I think New York is a really attractive market for pizza, and the fact that Pizza Hut was able to get into that market gives us an edge in the market,” Cappucci says.

It doesn’t hurt that Pizza Huts, the pizza restaurant chain founded in 1996, is headquartered in the area.

“Pizza Huts is a family-owned company that has been in business for decades and it’s been expanding and expanding,” says Chris Yee, Pizza Hut’s CEO.

“So if we can expand our footprint in New Jersey, which is a more attractive market, we can take advantage of that.”

The Pizza Hut brand also comes with a strong connection to New York.

Its logo is synonymous with the boroughs of Staten Island and Brooklyn, which are home to its headquarters.

The chain was founded by Michael and Susan Pizziani, who met in New England when Michael was stationed in a U.S. Army base.

“It’s a very big, strong logo,” says Yee.

“A lot of people are going to associate it with pizza, especially when they’re going to a New York restaurant.”

Pizza Hut is the second pizza chain to be acquired in New Mexico.

In 2017, the restaurant chain sold its Pizza Hut franchise to Chipotle.

The Chipotle acquisition will now be managed by Pizza Hut, which will continue to be run by the Pizziers.

Pizza’s expansion into the Bay area has helped the company build a strong reputation for its signature sandwiches, and it will continue doing so.

“We’re going places, we’re trying new things, and we’re expanding,” Yee says.