A bakery, a copy shop and a cafe will be shuttered in December 2018 because of climate change, the Wall Street Journaleon reported.

The news comes amid a wave of closures and closures of businesses that cater to the general public, with many businesses shutting down due to rising temperatures.

The bakery, named “Cake Bakeshop,” closed on March 30.

The company said it was losing $1.4 million annually because of the climate change.

A “copy shop” will close at the end of the month, and “Cakeshop will remain closed for the time being,” the bakery said in a statement.

The cafe, named Cake Cafe, is slated to close on December 8.

The Wall St. Journaleson reported that the news was received with dismay, with the company’s co-founder and co-owner, Dan Lien, describing the closure as a “huge loss” for the community.

“Our customers have been the core of the business and they have been our loyal customers,” Lien told the Journal.

“We have always been passionate about our community and we have always strived to serve it with integrity and pride.”

The newspaper reported that Lien said he plans to reopen the cafe in 2019, but did not say when.

The paper reported that other closures were also expected.