Conservatives have the option of running a new Conservative party, but will they?

The convention is just around the corner, and it’s time for a little chat about who should run it.

A look at who’s on the ballot, who’s likely to be running and who might be next.

The first debate in 2019 will take place in Edmonton, Alberta on April 29.

The main event is to be held in Calgary, Alberta, on May 2.

Who are the candidates?

The Conservatives have nominated four people to run for the top job: Peter MacKay, former finance minister, Conservative Party president and former prime minister; Kenney, a former Toronto mayor and member of the federal cabinet; and John McCallum, a Toronto lawyer and businessman.

There are two other people who have announced they’ll be running: Michelle Rempel and Peter Kent.

What’s the theme?

The party’s main theme this year is “Canada in the 21st Century,” which is an acronym for Canada in the Next Century.

It’s a reference to the new global economy that the Conservative government has created and the challenges facing the country, including a strong middle class.

“The Canadian economy is strong,” MacKay said in a statement on Wednesday.

“It has created a middle class, but also a majority of Canadians who are working and are struggling.”

It’s the only party in Canada that doesn’t mention immigration.

And it’s the first to be focused on the economy, rather than immigration.

Why isn’t it on the agenda?

The Conservative Party has been very vocal in its criticism of President Donald Trump, but there’s no indication of what the next leader might do to address the president’s immigration policy.

In fact, it’s unclear if any of the party’s major issues will be on the table at the convention.

There will also be no debate on the future of Canada, the Conservative Party says on its website.

In an interview on CBC’s Power & Politics on Tuesday, MacKay acknowledged that there’s still work to be done, but said he doesn’t want to talk about it in detail because of the sensitivity of the issue.

“I don’t want the American people to hear about the details of this, but it’s important for the American public to understand what is at stake,” MacKay said.

“And it’s absolutely critical to the prosperity and security of the American middle class.”

What’s happening at the Conservatives convention?

On May 2, the party will hold its first debate, which will be hosted by former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and former Conservative cabinet minister Kenney.

The next event is May 8, which is the party convention in Calgary.

MacKay has said that he wants to speak to the convention in person.

But the party has said it will hold a series of informal forums to discuss the party platform, including one for the general public.

What are the rules for attending the convention?

The rules of the convention are similar to those of the Conservative convention, with some differences.

The rules state that participants must be 21 years old, live in Canada, and live in a Conservative riding, as well as be registered to vote in the province in which they reside.

They are also required to have a valid photo ID and be able to show proof of residency in Canada.

The party has also banned public meetings or rallies.

There is a maximum of one candidate per constituency.

Who is running?

There’s a new contender for the Conservative leadership: Michelle Renaud.

Renaud, a longtime Ontario MPP and member in the Ontario legislature, is one of the three candidates who has been formally nominated to run.

The others are Conservative MP Andrew Scheer and former minister of transportation and minister of state for international trade and manufacturing Kenney — all of whom are running in their own ridings.

The third contender, former cabinet minister and ex-Conservative minister of international trade Rob Nicholson, is running in his own riding, and the party says he has the backing of three other members of the cabinet.

What happens next?

The next scheduled Conservative leadership debate is May 18 in Edmonton.

The last debate will take on May 23 in Calgary at a venue not yet determined.

If MacKay wins, there’s a very good chance that he’ll be the party leader.

What should you do if you want to support the Conservatives?

Conservatives should consider supporting the party, which has been described by MacKay as the “new party.”

If you are a registered Conservative, there are a number of ways to make sure you can get involved: • Become a Conservative voter by making a donation to the Conservative party or joining an online petition to get the party on the 2018 ballot in the riding you want.

• Join an online forum for Conservative supporters called Conservative HQ to find out about the party and ask questions.

• Write to the federal party, urging it to endorse Renaud or Nicholson as a candidate.

• Send an email to the party asking them to support Renaud and Nicholson, which they will do at the next convention