I had a pup named Spike when I was about 4 years old, and as a kid I loved to play with him in my backyard.

He’d jump on me and run around, but when I tried to catch him, he’d just sit down and stare at me, as if he was waiting for me to say something to stop him.

And if I tried anything, he would just snarl at me.

That’s when I got into the act, and I thought, “I should love this dog.

Why not?”

Spike was the kind of dog that would sit and stare, so I decided to give him a name and give him some names.

When I turned 4, I started putting Spike in dog costumes and putting pictures of him on the wall and trying to get people to love him.

I was also a huge fan of my mom.

When she went on vacation in England, I was able to sneak in some pictures of Spike in a kennel, and when she returned to the States, she came to my home and took pictures of me wearing Spike costumes.

I knew at that point that I wanted to be a professional cosplayer, and at 6 years old I decided I wanted a tattoo, and it turned out I was tattooing the words “SPIKE” across my body.

I also decided that I would like to be more than just a cosplayer.

I wanted people to be able to see that I was really into my craft.

When Spike started to get into trouble, my parents said, “Why don’t you get a job?”

And I was like, “No way.

I’m not a cosplay.”

I thought it was too much work and too risky, so when I decided that this is what I wanted for my life, I said, I’ll do it.

It’s been a lifelong dream to become a cosplaying professional.

So, at age 26, I finally got the job.

I started out doing cosplay for fun, but then I started to work in the industry.

I’ve worked in shows, commercials, TV, commercials and more.

At the same time, I’ve also been doing freelance work.

I do a lot of projects that I really enjoy.

I love making costumes for children and families.

I really love cosplaying with my pets.

And I love working with my friends, which is why I have a new hobby called the Cosplay Club.

I have so many fans and so many amazing people who love me and give me so much support.

The Cosplay Lounge is where I can get together with my cosplayers, cosplayers of all different types, and we can talk about costumes, cosplay, cosplays in general, cosplaying in a way that’s really fun and a lot more than anything I could have ever imagined.

So thank you so much for taking the time to interview me and to take the time for this.

I want to thank my family and friends for making this possible.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you for sticking with me.

My name is Katie, and this is Katie Kavanagh.

You can check out all of our podcasts and podcasts in our website.

I hope to see you soon!