In the early days of the fish and chips market, people could only buy fresh fish, and they had to buy from a fish shop.

In the summer of 2000, that changed.

The market was expanded to accommodate new markets that opened up, and new fish shops opened up in the area.

 The market was originally intended to serve lunch and dinner, but it also served as a place for the public to gather to relax, catch fish and chat.

The fish and chip market is a major tourist attraction in the capital of Bangkok, and is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions.

The fish market opened in 2003, and has been in operation since then.

“It was very important to have a place to eat fish, to have fish available, and for the people to meet up to have fun,” says Angkhom Phayul, a fish market owner.

Fish and chips is popular with the public because it’s a safe and healthy alternative to traditional Thai cooking, which has many health risks.

Aquariums are another popular option for fish and the markets offer visitors the opportunity to see and touch aquariums.

But the fish markets’ popularity has also led to concerns about their environmental impact.

Since they were first opened, there have been a number of complaints from the public about the fish being killed and disposed of in the fish tanks.

According to the fish trade association, about one-third of the market’s fish are killed for their flesh, which is used in the market.

It has been a constant complaint, and it’s something that has been raised by the fish industry for years.

But some people say the fish are still eaten, and others are concerned about the pollution caused by the industry.

While fish market owners like Phayuls say the market is safe, they still worry about pollution.

And even though the market closed, there are still fish that are still being bought.

As well, some people complain that the fish they buy have been killed for meat, or they’re not sold as fresh fish.

In the early years of the seafood industry, fish was expensive.

But with demand for fish rising in the early 2000s, prices have been on the rise.

Now, the market has gone from a high-end seafood market to a high end fish market.

That has led to a decline in the quality of the products sold at the market, and to a loss of customers.

So what are some of the concerns that have been raised about the market?

The market is one place where fish are sold and eaten.

But it’s also where a lot of pollution is going on, because there are a lot more fish being consumed than are being caught.

Many people who go to the market say they want to eat fresh fish but they don’t want to have to wait a day or two for it.

That is because they feel the fish that they buy will be fresh when they get home.

Also, some fish are being sold at a much lower price than the fish it comes from.

For example, there is a fish called the prawn that is very expensive at the local market, so the fish is usually only eaten in a few days, while other fish are caught and sold at cheaper prices.

Another issue is the way that fish are harvested.

There are no net pens in the markets because the people who grow fish in the water are not allowed to work.

The nets are placed over the fish, which causes it to be more vulnerable to disease.

People have also reported that the markets don’t clean up well.

Because they don´t have a water system, they get lots of dust from the fish.

People have also complained about people using their mobile phones to buy fish.

In the beginning, people thought that they would have a good time in the marketplace.

But now, people are worried that they will lose their livelihood.

Some people have said that they have seen people eating their own waste, which they can’t smell.