AUSTRALIA’S best-known cities are slowly making their way back to the top of the best-selling list.

The Sydney-based Financial Review has compiled a list of Australia’s most-discussed cities over the past five years, with a special focus on shopping in the CBDs.

The list includes five Sydney-centric cities, the capital Sydney, the north-west Sydney suburb of Gosford and the regional north-east Sydney suburb and suburbs of Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth.

The top 10 Sydney-focused cities are:Sydney (1) is No. 1 in the bestseller list, followed by Melbourne (2) (4), Brisbane (4) and Adelaide (5). 

It is followed by Hobart (6) and Darwin (7).

In a further surprise, the Adelaide-based publication’s Best of Sydney list includes two cities that have been struggling for a while: Sydney and Melbourne. 

“There’s a lot of work going on in Adelaide but, I would imagine, there’s also a lot more to come,” says co-editor John Kappes.

The best-seller list is based on sales of goods and services in the month of March. 

The rankings are compiled by the Financial Review, based on a survey of more than 12,000 Australians aged 18 and over conducted by Ipsos Reid. 

They were created by comparing retail sales in the three months of April, May and June with retail sales during the same period last year.

The full list is below.AUSTRALIAN COSTS OF BEING A VILLAGE (2011) In the past year, Sydney has been one of the most expensive cities in Australia to live in, but is now a better city for families, according to the Financial Report.

The city is a city of over 600,000 people and the highest-paid jobs in Australia.

It has the third-highest median income in the country behind Brisbane and Perth and the fourth-highest per capita wealth.

The cost of living has risen rapidly in recent years, thanks to high housing prices, and is a major factor in Sydney’s ranking in the list.

Sydneysiders have an average household income of $86,400 and pay an average of $5,200 more per year than their counterparts in Brisbane and the capital Perth.

The highest-paying job in Sydney is a bank director, but the average income is $71,300, while the lowest-paying is a driver.

The average house in Sydney costs $1.4 million and the average car in the city is $1,500.

BARNTON CITY (2010) Sears has a strong presence in the Sydney suburb.

Its stores are in the suburbs of Bondi Junction, Bondi Beach, Bondurant and Parramatta.

This is due to the retailer’s location, with the majority of its retail stores in suburban and rural areas, with smaller stores in inner Sydney.

The suburb is home to a number of cultural attractions, including the historic Sydney Opera House and Sydney Opera Hall, which is the only opera house in Australia that has been restored to a state of “perfect condition”.

The city’s most popular food and drink items are imported from China, including some of the world’s finest sushi, Chinese noodles and Chinese curries.

Barron’s Markets in the suburb is one of Sydney’s busiest.

The supermarket chain is the largest private-sector employer in Sydney, employing 4,200 people.

Its stores and restaurants also cater for more than 200,000 tourists a year.

CAMEROON CITY Searson’s is one the city’s biggest employers.

Despite its size, Camden is one-third the size of Sydney.

Camden has a diverse population, with more than 30 per cent of the population of around 6.5 million people.

A strong presence of retail shops has made Camden a popular destination for locals and visitors.

TURBULENCE (2010 ) In a landmark decision, the federal government lifted its moratorium on new land development for the construction of more residential and retail buildings.

Under the policy, the government allowed developers to build two new residential towers and one new retail building on a site previously earmarked for a rail link between Sydney and Hobart.

That development will be called the CamdenLink project, after the historic railway station where it will connect to the North Hobart line.

As a result, the project has been delayed for up to a year while the Government and developer work through the regulatory process.

One of the key aspects of the Camden Link project is a new station that will connect Camden with Hobart’s North Hobman line.

This will provide commuters and tourists with better connections to both Sydney and the North.

The government has been pushing the Camden link project for years, and has been