In Fortnit, you can use your phone, your camera, your gaming console, or a PC to make videos and pictures of your favorite characters.

This is great for capturing a few seconds of your game’s action while you relax.

However, it also means you’re likely to have to be super careful with the device.

While it’s possible to capture a high-quality clip from a high quality camera, a camera that’s far away from your face could distort your footage.

And while you can capture a video of your entire game play session from your phone and get some pretty good quality, it may not be the best option for all players.

So which is the best way to use your mobile phone in Fortnight?

It depends.

We’ve created a few tips for each of the popular devices, so you can have a better idea of which one is best for you.

How Much Is a Camera?

A good camera is going to let you capture a lot of footage and you’ll probably want to get the best one for your game.

That said, there are some pros and cons to every camera, so if you’re just getting started with your Fortnight experience, you’ll want to consider each of these before purchasing.

Pros Pros: No extra cost.

Camera options are endless.

It’s always the best camera.

Cons: If you have a camera phone, you may have to take it out of your pocket to play.

Pros: Camera options can be endless.


If you don’t have a phone, a PC or game console will be much more convenient.

Pros : Small, lightweight, and portable.

Cons : Some pros are better suited to high-end phones.

Pros / Cons: Small, light, and inexpensive.

Pros Camera phone Camera Phone Camera Phone Pros: Fast, low power.

Small, portable, and very compact.

Cons Slow, high-resolution, and high-contrast images.

Pros Easy to take out of pocket.

Cons No way to capture 1080p video.

Pros Medium-to-large photos.

Cons Longer video capture times.

Pros High resolution, high contrast, and fast photos.

Pros Low power, light.

Cons Large images, fast camera capture times, and no way to take pictures of people.

Pros Quick to take photos, easy to take video.

Cons Medium to large images, slow camera capture time, and limited number of photos per second.

Pros Fast, high resolution, and easy to capture images of your characters.

Pros No power, slow, and slow-motion video capture.

Pros Long, high quality photos, slow-mo, and low-res video capture, all of which can be taken with a phone.

Pros Video quality, low-to mid-range images, and excellent image quality.

Cons Low-resolution video capture and high shutter speed.

Pros Slow-motion photos, low resolution, low shutter speed, and large size.

Pros Small, medium, and medium-size images, medium-resolution photos, and wide-angle photos.

The Best Mobile Phone Camera: Sony Xperia XA2 Pros: Small (8.4-inch screen) Cons: Slow, slow image quality, and a bit of distortion.

Pros The Sony Xperia Z is the most popular camera for Fortnight players, and while it’s definitely the best smartphone camera for the job, it’s not the best mobile phone camera for people.

The Sony camera isn’t going to capture your entire action, and it can’t record a high resolution video.

While Sony is great at capturing high-definition images, it can only record a very limited amount of high-res videos.

Sony also only offers one camera, and when it comes to high quality, you’re going to need to go with Sony’s cheaper Xperia XS2.

Pros Microphone is smaller than a phone’s.

It has a very low price tag.

Pros Compact size.

Cons Small, low cost.

Cons High resolution video recording.

Pros Large photos.

Small-to medium size photos, fast, low quality video capture time.

Cons Fast, good-quality photos, lots of video, low image quality and slow video capture rate.

Pros Good-quality video, fast speed, high video quality, fast photos, good image quality Cons Slow shutter speed and high ISO video capture speed.

Cons Camera phone Pros Microphones are small, light and portable, making it a good choice for playing games.

Pros Cons Low price tag and camera quality, limited amount video recording, limited number high-speed photos.

Con: Large, slow shutter speed makes capturing photos difficult.

Pros Portable size.

Very little noise.

Cons Battery life.

Pros Very large photos, very slow shutter speeds.

Cons Few high-scores of high quality video.

It doesn’t offer the best quality, but it’s still one of the best cameras for the game.

Pros Huge, light photos, excellent video quality. Pros Wide,