The AmazonFresh grocery store chain is suing an online retailer for allegedly blocking rivals from selling its products online, accusing the online retailer of violating antitrust laws.

AmazonFresh said Thursday in a complaint filed with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York that it has been the target of “unwarranted and unreasonable” antitrust activity by rival stores that “continue to dominate the marketplace for online shopping.”

AmazonFresh, which is based in Seattle, said it filed the antitrust complaint after its own stores were targeted by competitors who said they were unfairly priced by AmazonFresh.

Amazon is seeking a permanent injunction to prevent competition and an unspecified amount of compensatory damages.

In the complaint, AmazonFresh alleges that its competitor “is artificially artificially controlling its market share” by “stealing” the business of rival online retailers, using its own prices to set retail prices, and using “rigged” pricing practices to “exacerbate competition.”

The company also claims that its competitors have been making false claims about AmazonFresh prices and products, and that competitors have made false claims to the Federal Trade Commission and the FTC about

“The defendants are artificially controlling AmazonFresh and its marketplace and have been violating antitrust law,” the complaint states.

The complaint alleges that the defendants have also been unfairly pricing products and charging for AmazonFresh items, and the defendants are using unfair methods of “price gouging” and “price discrimination.”

Amazon has said that it is “deeply concerned” by the antitrust allegations, but said that the complaint was premature because it did not yet have evidence of AmazonFresh’s alleged violations.