The main thing is to make money! 


You need to be ready to lose money and if you don’t do this, you will never get to make any money. 



Don’t be greedy, and be nice to people. 


You are not supposed to be rich! 


Don, don’t buy expensive things, and buy cheap things. 


Donate to charity whenever you can. 


Always be prepared to spend money! 


When you donate, remember to keep it for a while. 


If you want to keep your money, you need to keep donating! 


Donating is easy! 


When you donate money, keep it in a safe place! 


You can save up to £30,000 by donating through an online account. 


If the charity you donate to does not have a website, you can create a website from scratch. 


Donors can share a website with each other. 


When donating money, don the charity’s logo on your receipt. 


Donations can be sent to the following address:  Charity Banks Banking Services 1, North Avenue, London SW6 9AF You can use the following methods to send donations to the charity:  1.

 Direct to the account of the charity to which you have donated. 


If you do not have an online donation platform, you could use a mobile app or website to send a donation. 


Emailing to the charities account via email or SMS. 


Calling the charities phone number. 


Giving to a local charity or community service group. 


Paying a donation via PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. 


Donating online using a mobile phone. 


Using a bank transfer for a donation 9.

Borrowing money from a bank. 


Using a credit card to make a donation using your bank card. 

11 Giving a donation from a card to a bank account 12.

Give a donation directly to the bank using a check. 


Giving a donated item directly to a customer 14.

Giving a donation to a member of the public directly from the charity 15.

Giving cash to a charity through an electronic payment service 16.

Handing out a donation direct to a shop 17.

Giving money to a neighbour or friend 18.

Giving away a donation for charity 19.

Giving to the homeless 20.

Giving to a friend 21.

Giving food to a stranger or a stranger’s dog 22.

Giving gifts to someone in need 23.

Giving donations to a child 24.

Giving clothing or shoes to a needy person 25.

Giving clothes to a beggar 26.

Giving alcohol to a homeless person 27.

Giving free alcohol to the poor 28.

Giving an alcohol free bottle of wine to a church or community 29.

Giving tickets to an upcoming concert 30.

Giving out food and drink 31.

Giving information to a blind person 32.

Giving gift cards to the elderly 33.

Giving someone a new computer or tablet 34.

Giving advice to a cancer patient 35.

Giving the charity a free phone number 36.

Giving something away to someone 37.

Giving more than the amount you paid 38.

Giving anything you own to a relative 39.

Giving charity donations to other people 40.

Giving your favourite charity a personalised gift 41.

Giving what you want in return 42.

Giving you something to help someone else 43.

Giving as a thank you 44.

Giving from a donation card 45.

Giving in return for something you already own 46.

Giving without expecting anything in return – if you are generous, it is also considered charity 47.

Giving something away without thinking 48.

Giving anything to a family member 49.

Giving, for example, a car to a young person 50.

Giving if you have to go away 51.

Giving when you need it 52.

Giving at a holiday party 53.

Giving before a big event – you may want to take your time to plan it 54.

Giving food to the hungry 55.

Giving for the blind 56.

Giving with a smile 57.

Giving things to others 58.

Giving through an organisation like the Salvation Army 59.

Giving because you have a good reason for it 60.

Giving because it makes you happy 61.

Giving by putting money in your pocket 62.

Giving up your own life for others 63.

Giving time to others with your time 64.

Giving back to the community 65.

Giving freely to a cause you care