I bought my first motorbike at age 5, the one that would be my first step in the world of racing.

I drove it on the street and was able to do a little of everything with it.

I won races, won championships, and was even a star of the Formula One racing series in the late 1970s.

Then in 1995, I crashed and broke my neck, a serious injury that has robbed me of most of my mobility since then.

I started to worry about what would happen to my motorbike if I ever got back on it.

But the good news is that it’s not too late to get the bike repaired.

You can get a $250,000 replacement for the bike you purchased for $60,000.

The motorcycle can also be given to a stranger to be used for their birthday.

I did that, too, and the bike came with my new name, Lance, on the seatpost.

The fact that I’m still alive has made it a bit easier to move forward with my plans for the motorcycle.

I still have to learn to drive and use the bike.

It’s also not just me who needs to do some motorcycling.

There are plenty of riders who can’t do anything else on the motorcycle without help.

I’ve seen the motorcycle used in the races and I can’t wait to see it in person, especially if it’s something that I can do.

The fact that it will have a permanent spot on my garage shelf has been a blessing and a curse.

I’m not sure what would have happened if I hadn’t purchased it.

Maybe it would have ended up sitting in a garage that had a lot of other cars and trucks parked there.

Maybe I would have had to move out of my apartment because I wouldn’t have been able to rent it out.

I have no idea.

But now, thanks to the good fortune of being able to buy a motorcycle, I can see how I could get my hands on a new one and go from there.

I don’t know if my motorcycle has been fixed.

Maybe its still cracked or damaged.

Maybe there’s something wrong with it and I need to do something to fix it.

Whatever it is, I don’t want it sitting in the garage in a pile of parts.

But I’m excited to finally have the opportunity to buy one and ride it on it for the first time.