Starbucks’ Michael Sacked is quitting Starbucks and is leaving his company, according to a report from Bloomberg.

Sacks has served as CEO since December.

He will remain as the head of the Starbucks Coffee Company and the Starbucks brand, the report said.

“I am excited about what the future holds,” Sacks told Bloomberg.

“It’s a tremendous opportunity for Starbucks, a company with an incredibly strong culture that is truly about our people and our vision for the future.”

Sacks, who joined Starbucks in 2005, has been involved in a battle with the coffee company’s board of directors over a controversial acquisition deal, which resulted in a $600 million loss for the company.

Starbucks has not publicly commented on the news.

The company is in a legal fight with the state of Illinois over a state law that bars coffee shops from serving alcoholic beverages to customers.

The law also prevents local governments from banning coffee shops.

In October, Sacks was ousted as Starbucks chairman and CEO amid the fallout from the lawsuit.

Saks has been a board member of Starbucks for three decades.

He previously served as the company’s executive chairman and a co-founder of Starbucks.

He was previously CEO of the company and the former president and chief executive officer.

SOURCE Bloomberg