The Nintendo Switch is the latest in a long line of Nintendo consoles that are designed to be played in the palm of your hands.

But when you’re used to playing with a controller on the go, it’s not always easy to see what the fuss is all about.

Here are 10 things to know about how controllers are different from other gaming systems.1.

The Switch can’t be used as a handheldNintendo Switch controller The Nintendo switch is a gaming console.

But it can only be used for one thing.

If you want to play games with it on a couch or on a small TV, you’ll have to buy a second controller.2.

You can’t use the Switch as a gaming deviceIf you want a controller, you need to buy it separately.

And if you want the Switch to be used with other gaming devices, like your phone or tablet, you won’t be able to use the device as a device that can be used to play.3.

The Nintendo controller doesn’t work with smartphones, tablets, and gamesThe Switch is a game system designed to work with a large number of smartphones and tablets.

But if you’re looking to use it for gaming, you may not want to buy the device for that purpose.

Nintendo said that the Switch controller won’t work on smartphones and other mobile devices.

It doesn’t appear that any Switch games or apps will work with the Switch’s touchscreen.4.

You need a Switch for a phone or other mobile deviceYou can’t just buy a Switch and plug it into your phone.

You’ll need a phone that has a built-in Bluetooth speaker, a charging cable, and a wired connection to your phone’s Wi-Fi network.5.

You won’t need a Nintendo Switch or the Switch Hub for a TVThere are some ways to make the Switch available as a portable device.

You could buy a Nintendo Wii U Pro or Nintendo Switch Lite.

But the most common option is to buy an older Nintendo Wii that’s not compatible with the Nintendo Switch.

If your console has a wireless connection to the internet, you could use it to play the games you want on a TV.6.

You don’t need the Nintendo controller or the Nintendo Hub for your TVNintendo’s latest console, the Switch, isn’t compatible with a TV, although it does include a remote control.

That means you’ll need to have a dedicated Nintendo Switch Hub in order to use your TV for games.

That remote is a separate accessory.7.

You probably won’t have to spend a lot to get a Nintendo Controller or the NunchukNintendo announced the Switch last week, and it includes a Nintendo controller and the N.U.S.N.U., the Nintendo handheld gaming console for kids.

But Nintendo isn’t selling a Nunchuks or Nunchucks for the Switch.

The Nunchus will be available in two different colors.

The Joy-Con controllers will be sold separately.

Nintendo is offering a discount for customers who preorder the Switch and the Joy-Cons, but they’re not selling them for free.

They’re only offering $30 off a Nintendo Nunchaku and $50 off a N.C. Joy-cons.

Nintendo says that the Joy Controllers can be sold on a one-time basis, but that you can buy a total of eight Joy Contros for $60.

That’s a discount of $50.

Nintendo also offers free shipping for orders of more than $50, and the company says that it’s also working on making it easier to return games to Nintendo’s online store.8.

You’re not limited to games you’ve bought in-storeNintendo announced a plan last week to make it easier for gamers to buy in-game items online.

That includes a “Game and Charger,” which allows you to recharge the Nintendo Joy-Controllers without having to buy them separately.

But you won\’t be able buy a new Nintendo Switch controller, or N.P.S., unless you preorder it, which is still expensive.

The company says it has to do a lot of work to get it all done, but you should be able get your hands on a Nintendo JoyCon.9.

The system is cheaper than the WiiUThe WiiU was designed for casual gamers and a single controller.

But this system is more expensive than that, costing $600 when it was announced.

You still can buy it for that price, but it has a larger screen, higher-quality cameras, and faster processors.

Nintendo has said that it will offer a discounted version of the Wii U for $300, and that a version of that system will cost $150 when it goes on sale next month.

Nintendo says that if you pre-order the Nintendo WiiU Pro, you will get a free Nintendo Joycon controller.

The company is promising a bundle of the controllers, a $10 GamePad accessory, and free shipping.10.

The game console is designed to